Welcome to Derm Depot PH!

Why Derm Depot PH? Derm means skin and everything in here is all about taking care of the largest organ of the body. Depot because we aim to provide you with affordable yet quality products that deliver positive results be it on whitening or just plain moisturizing the skin. PH, for one, our small business is 100% Filipino-owned and secondly, the products you will find here are locally manufactured in the Philippines.

We cater to everything about skin care. We sell products used to improve the appearance and health of skin, formulated for different types of skin and associated characteristics. Our skin care products include bar soaps, cleansers, facial masks and scrubs, toners, moisturizers, sunscreen creams and lotions, skin lighteners, serums and exfoliants. We also offer hair care shampoos and scalp care products.

Feel free to browse through our products which are 100% guaranteed to be safe and effective since they are dermatologist formulated and tested. Learn the basics of skin care, find the products that suit your skin type and enjoy shopping at the convenience of your own smart phone, laptop or PC.

Should you have any questions, you may call our hotline at 964-1145 and we will be more than happy to assist you. Happy shopping! 

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